Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching is a service that supports you to clarify your purpose, enhance relationships, increase confidence, increase income, quiet that inner critic, clarify which creative projects are most appealing right now and achieve results faster with ease and joy. Often having this type of accountability or cheerleading is just what it takes to propel you to the next level you are seeking. Synergy ICCT offers a variety of life coach services that are specific to the needs of the client.

Personal Development Life Coaching Services

Bullet Single issue — This Bullet Issue is a Targeted Session of up to 90 minutes for clients who have immediate goals and want support to connect those to specific plans for prompt, inspiring results. $250.00

Monthly Life Coaching Services

Option 1: This comprise of three face to face meetings per month although in some circumstances the meeting are through phone calls. When the face to face meeting are replaced by phone calls, each call may be up to 45 minutes. The meetings are held the first, second and third weeks of the month. When necessary, additional phone are made to check the progress being made. The meetings are complimented with regular emails in between. $495.00/month

Option 2: This second option comprise of two in person meetings per month or two scheduled phone calls. Each meeting may be up to 45 minutes held the first & third weeks of the month. Again Synergy ICCT will make additional phone check-in calls when necessary. Email support between meetings/calls is offered. $375.00/month

Option 3: The Super Saver option is a 12 meetings package where a client is required to pre-pay in full for the service at $1800.00 and may schedule meetings as often as the client wishes. Total savings from this option is $180.00. This option suits those who are in a hurry and want to stay on task as well as those that love a bargain.

Group Coaching is offered in workshops, and group meetings either in person or on the phone. Group coaching is very impactful because group members share support, suggestions and personal development tips.  Group Coaching is desired when dealing with an organization or when friends form a group to address similar coaching and personal development issues together.  Fee for group coaching will be determined based on the size of the group. Contact Synergy ICCT to make necessary arrangements for the program.